"A friend recommended this band after she saw them at a dance venue. I went to see them and loved their sound!! My guests danced all night. They were easy to work with and I've since gone to dance to them when they play in my area."....Anita Fabrizio

"The Wildflower Band was an absolute hit at our wedding!  They brought everyone together on the dance floor, playing many of the classic oldies as well as today's hits! We also asked the band to learn a few songs, including our first dance and we were amazed at how quickly they learned the songs and how wonderful they sounded! We have never before seen that many people dancing at a wedding! We absolutely recommend the Wildflower band look forward to the next time we get to see them".....Kayla and Jack Lawler

"​We love Wildflower! Always great music, always consistent, always fun. Thanks for another great night.".....Elaine Hipple

"Wildflower played at our "Funky Friday" Wedding at the Zoo and did an amazing job. We wanted our wedding to feel like a big party for our guests with music and DANCING being a huge component of that - Wildflower did NOT disappoint. The dance floor was full from the first note they played until the last song of the night!! The song choices were perfect and transitions smooth. Everyone involved in the event including the waitstaff commented on how great the band was. Carmen was so easy to work with and the guys in the band all seemed to enjoy themselves too-which added to the fun of the night. If you are looking for a band that will appeal to all ages and have everyone up dancing - I highly recommend WILDFLOWER!"...Jacquie Stone

"Thanks so much to you, Bill and the rest of Wildflower last night for your fabulous entertainment!
You really rocked the house!  Listening took me back in time of being a Wildflower groupie!!"  RIP Corky" - Cheryl Pugliese DeLucia.

"You guys put on a great show--lots of enthusiasm, fun and fantastic funk and groove! You'll definitely be seeing my face again in the dance floor! Good luck and God bless! -- Jaime P.S. I am friends with Lee Harper and he highly recommended seeing you perform. I was not disappointed! The roof was on FIRE! "---Jaime DeHarde

This is your feedback........THANK YOU

​​"One of the best bands on the East Coast, check these guys out!".....Chuck Colletti

​We had a GREAT time dancing to the music of Wildflower at 30 Main Saturday night. You gotta go see and hear for yourself. Thanks for a wonderful night, you guys are the best!.....Bill Mitchell

​Full house tonight Wildflower packs them in.....Peggy Becker-Dellisanti

.​​I've forgotten how great wildflower is. Mike natalini did a great job sitting in at the drums last night.....Ceasar Pirelli

Thanks for the BEST dance night!!! We had a blast!!! Counting the days until you come back next month.....Lisa Tambourino-Fornwalt

"They are the greatest! Love, Love, Love them"!!!! - Linda Walesyn Santangelo

"You guys are great. I use to follow you when I was a teenager and you would play at norristown high. I loved you then and love you guys even more now!!!!!!! Brings back fantastic memories. Thank you, thank you , thank you!!!!! - Renee Durante

"You all were on fire last night.had a blast" - Michele Meacham

"You guys were AWESOME at Chaps tonight, even though you are always great. Good choice of songs tonight!"....Barb Freeth


"Hey Carmen! I saw Wildflower at reeds last week....oops...The Limit.... and as usual - you were amazing!!!" - Cindi Currie

"Great funky band...I've had the pleasure to DJ at the Village Inn and played with Wildflower many many times. They always packed the place and had the dance floor sweaty....." - Dan Rosanova

"I had a great time tonight at The Limit. You guys are awesome!" - Lisa Dragone Nolan

"Great time at Chap's last night. You guys are awesome. Always sounding good and kickin' out the good ole' jams from back in the day. Thanks again for the opportunity to sit in w/ you guys. It's always a pleasure." - Michael Natalini

"Great job last night. Tight!!" - Dan Roffo

"That's the band I wanna book!" - Robert Israel

"Thanks Wildflower and fans for a great night Saturday. Our dance floor got quite the workout!" See you Sept 8th! - Chap's Taproom

"OK, tonight at Chaps was as usual another night of color from WILDFLOWER! The scent of funk in the air was magnificent even though there was a key person missing from the band, that's right, "Tony" was under the weather- (Feel better soon my friend), and his replacement was superb! As we have come to expect from the top funk band from back in the day, WILDFLOWER did not disappoint, in fact it's amazing how many times major changes, new songs etc. are introduced into a set without ever being rehearsed! Now that's a creative and professional band! Thanks again Carmen and the gang for another fantastic night of entertainment, and keep your eyes open for something coming in the future to bring back more memories, and we hope you will all come and join us for the fun!" - Sam Genova (DJ SAM RENO)

"We had quite the reunion last night! Perfect to hear and dance to our favorite band." - Laura Ruocco Young

"Jeff and I had a great time dancing to your music. Thank you for making it a great night to get out....or we would have be watching TV in the basement........lol" - Marianne Vargo-Wright

"Amazing... you were wonderful." - Janet Patky-Gormley

"You guys can't help that you are one AMAZING band!!!! Never disappointed!!!" - Bunny Hondros

"Great music and friends last night at Screwballs. Thank you Wildflower!!!" - Roe Cavallaro McCloy

"I wanted to thank you and the band again for making "Cheers to Barb" such a memorable evening. All of the feedback I have received has been very positive for her choice of a life celebration. The band was one of her favorite things in life and I know she danced all night!" - the Scioli's

"Last night if you didn't make it to the Whitpain Tavern you missed a great show by Wildflower. The sounds of Philadelphia they bring to the dance floor are nothing short of spectacular. To say the band last night was "crisp" would be an understatement; Carmen, Joe and Bill in the brass section really brought together a sound that made you feel like no other night when you heard them play. Charlie romances those drums like he's making love and it's amazing to watch as they respond to his every move flawlessly. They say you get better with age and as these guys bring back a time for all of us we never appreciated as much as we do today, the memories are priceless, and Wildflower has once again bloomed into the musical ear candy they were back in the day, only now we can say we knew them then and now...... It's truly love at first groove..." - Sam Genova (DJ Sam Reno)

"Wildflower raised the roof last night at Whitpain Tav...they keep getting better and better." - April Guarini

"Thanks for another great night......we had a blast as always!!!" - Bunny Hondros Reunion


"There are no words to truly express last night in all it's glory! Thanks!" - Sam Genova

"You guys had a great turn out. You could tell the big following you all had. When we first got there everyone was looking at each other trying to figure out who they remember seeing from the past. I just love live bands and it's so great when you get to see some really good ones. The band sounded great last night. I hope you all can do it again. It was so nice to see everyone there too. It was like a family reunion too." - Lisa Dragone Nolan

"A nice walk down memory lane thanks to you all." - Linda Marie Collins

"I just wanted to thank you and the other members of Wildflower for taking me back to my late teens early twenties. Those days are dear to my heart and hold so many great memories. Wildwood, Stardust, Village Inn, etc. And Carmen, when you sang Georgia, I felt exactly like I did when I was 20. You guys were amazing. And, you brought together so many old friends. What a great night!!" - Machiell Decicco Scannapieco


"Thanks Tom Winsey, FrankieWho and Rusty for hosting a very memorable show. And a big thanks to Wildflower for getting back together and for making me feel like a kid again. You guys still have it and always will. Thanks again." - Mike Mezzatesta

"It was a great time!!!" - Kathleen Watt-Hammond

"Great reunion, and Wildflower concert. So many mixed emotions are overwhelming me today. Still reeling from the show. It's like when you're a kid, and you see your cousins only once a year, you play, have fun, and bear the bitter-sweet reunion and impending departure for another year. You have that hole in your heart for those friends and that special time....(wishing it would never end)." - Sam Genova

"WE had the best time my family is sick of hearing me talk about it. Carole flew back to San Diego today! I will let you know once I get all posted." - Lisa Paschall Jack

"It was fun. And I understand all the people you have to catch up with. Are there any plans to do more shows?" - Larry Tornambe

"Carmen, the show was excellent and well worth the drive. I do hope you do it again sometime. Loved the great party crowd. Thanks so much for putting this together. I almost cried when Rusty did the tribute to Corky, I thought that was so nice. Next time !!!" - Bonita Morrison

"You guys did a great job Friday night, it brought back so many good memories, thank you!!" - Kathleen Watt-Hammond

"I know they were really good, they sound just like they did way back, miss Corky though." - Kathleen Watt-Hammond

"May he [Corky] rest in peace...what an honor to dedicate the night in his name and offer the donation in his name" - Sonia Maria Ragusa

"Carmen- I would do it again! Special times in our lives. It was so wonderful to get a piece of that back for one night! Thank you for organizing it and paying tribute to Corky." - Carole Jordan

"It was good seeing you again, too! Wildflower and Jump Street both sounded great!! Please stay in touch"... Best regards always, Charlie (Tornetta)

"If I knew about the reunion I would have been there... hope all is well and maybe next time I will make it .. I heard you guys were great..." - Pennie Scardino Sortino

"I gotta agree the energy was awesome, what a great night. I felt sorry for my ole friends that didn't make the show, do you think you'll do another?" - Nettie Cardillo

"Can't wait the dance parties are awesome..would love to attend another Wildflower reunion!" - Barb Freeth

"Tku Carmen for an awesome July 4th!!! I'm so happy you told me to "Come Home"!!!! You and the guys are the BEST!!! ........Nina Costa Cogliano

"I just got in from an absolutely a$$ kickin' performance by Wildflower at Peppers in King of Prussia. One hell of a job! If you haven't seen them yet, you need to make it a point to catch them!"...........Ray Martin

"Awesome. Please come back to Deleware Park ASAP!"...........Denise McCormick

​​​"One of the best things to come out of Norristown!" - Mark Buono

"WILDFLOWER is the greatest Dance Band in the Tri-State Area!!!!!!".......Jeff Beil