"....beautiful wedding and the band sounded great...I just love live horns, can't wait till the next show with this great band"......Mike Jamison

One of the best bands on the East Coast, check these guys out!......Chuck Colletti

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Dance band, Party band, known in the 70's & 80's as a funk and disco band,

the iconic Wildflower is still the champion party band as it always has been

‚ÄčIt's Love at First Groove



"You guys put on a great show--lots of enthusiasm, fun and fantastic funk and groove! You'll definitely be seeing my face again in the dance floor! Good luck and God bless! -- Jaime P.S. I am friends with Lee Harper and he highly recommended seeing you perform. I was not disappointed! The roof was on FIRE! "---Jaime DeHarde

~~"They say you get better with age and as these guys bring back a time for all of us we never appreciated as much as we do today, the memories are priceless, and Wildflower has once again bloomed into the musical ear candy they were back in the day, only now we can say we knew them then and now...... It's truly love at first groove..." - Sam Genova (DJ Sam Reno)

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"Great funky band...I've had the pleasure to DJ at the Village Inn and played with Wildflower many many times. They always packed the place and had the dance floor sweaty....." - Dan Rosanova

Est. 1973