Featured Event

It's Love at First Groove



10/4   Oktoberfest @ Maenner~Chor

3-7pm  Don't miss this fun event

         Haws Ave, Norristtown, PA



10/11  The Trappe Tavern

9pm    The Trappe will rock once again with

        a funky groove that will promise to

        keep you moving.

        416 W. Main St, Trappe, PA


10/25  DaVinci's Pub

9pm     217 E. Main St, Collegeville, PA

11/15  The Trappe Tavern

9pm    416 W. Main St, Trappe, PA

12/26  The Trappe Tavern after Christmas

9pm    Groove-A-Thon

         416 W. Main St, Trappe, PA

  • I Don't Love You Anymore3:17