Featured Event

It's Love at First Groove



10/4   Oktoberfest @ Maenner~Chor

3-7pm  Don't miss this fun event

         Haws Ave, Norristtown, PA



10/11  The Trappe Tavern

9pm    The Trappe will rock once again with

        a funky groove that will promise to

        keep you moving.

        416 W. Main St, Trappe, PA


10/25  DaVinci's Pub

9pm     217 E. Main St, Collegeville, PA

11/15  The Trappe Tavern

9pm    416 W. Main St, Trappe, PA

12/26  The Trappe Tavern after Christmas

9pm    Groove-A-Thon

         416 W. Main St, Trappe, PA

  • I Don't Love You Anymore3:20


~~"They say you get better with age and as these guys bring back a time for all of us we never appreciated as much as we do today, the memories are priceless, and Wildflower has once again bloomed into the musical ear candy they were back in the day, only now we can say we knew them then and now...... It's truly love at first groove..." - Sam Genova (DJ Sam Reno)